The website has been simplified quite a bit. Here is a quick overview on how it works.

  1. Everything is in the same place, Posts for Rentals and the other stuff under Pages. You don’t have to worry about Excerpts or Custom Fields because we aren’t using them anymore. We are still using the same convention of Publishing and Unpublishing posts to show or hide Rentals. I have updated the templates for the apartments and you can also Duplicate Posts or copy and paste content from one to another (of course).
  2. There is only one piece of the site that is managed in the Widgets and that is the blurb at the bottom of each page with the Welcome message. It’s in APPEARANCE > WIDGETS in the FOOTER WIDGET. There is no code or anything in there, just a title and some text. Also all the Menus are managed in the normal WordPress menu manager.
  3. The Homepage and Properties slideshows are managed independently of those pages. You can find this by clicking on SLIDES from the menu. The other slideshows in the Rentals/For Rent Posts, are generated automatically using all the images uploaded/attached to those posts.
  4. The Rentals page now just shows Published Posts and therefore is generated automatically. Any Published posts will appear chronologically. There is a NO AVAILABLE RENTALS Post that should be published when there are no available Rentals. Instead of changing text on a page, you just use this Post.
  5. If something takes you more than a few minutes to figure out, email me.


General WordPress Help

This is a newer version of WordPress so thing have changed a bit. Generally it’s similar. For specific help, you can access the WordPress help system using the HELP tab in the upper right anywhere in the admin area. Go here to learn how the system works, what things are called and to get help on the different contols, widgets and settings. Things like adding images or other media, managing menus, managing users and formatting text will be found in the general WordPress help.

The WordPress help system is page sensitive. That means, for example, if you wanted to find help on the menu system, you’d go to APPEARANCE > MENUS from the left menu and then click the HELP tab there at the top right of that page.

Below is a short primer on using the system along with some direction on some of the important parts of the site and custom things I’ve added like the SLIDESHOWS.



Go to APPEARANCE > MENUS to edit the menu. You would only really go in here if you wanted to remove something from the Menus or rearrange items. There are two Menus, one for the Main Menu and one for the Footer Menu.




You will see various shortcodes scattered around the site. Generally you will just leave them alone if they are already there. As with the old site, you can duplicate a Post to copy it’s structure and just update the contents. Shortcodes handle the columns you see on some of the Pages and the Posts.

The screenshot below notes the structure of a Post. To edit a Post or Page with shortcodes, just change what appears between the beginning and end of the column shortcodes. There is also a shortcode noted for the buttons. You don’t have to edit these but you might need to duplicate or change the wording on a button.



Inserting images & other media/documents

Use the ADD MEDIA button to upload images to the site. For the Rentals Posts, you just have to upload an image to a Post for it to appear in the Slideshow for that page. You can adjust the order in which the images appear in the slideshow from within the Add Media Manager.

For a general understanding of the Add Media manager, go here: WordPress help on inserting images/media into Posts.

I highlighted the screen you use to order the images. You get to this screen by clicking the ADD MEDIA button on the Post.




You can go back to previous versions of your pages using the Revisioning system in WordPress. Access the Revisions using the BROWSE link just above the blue UPDATE button on any Post or Page.




All you need to do to add image to a Slideshow on one of the Rental Posts is to upload it to that Post. The order of the slides can be changed by using the Add Media Manager as noted in the Inserting Images section above.

The slideshow on the Homepage can be managed by going to SLIDES from the menu. You can add, delete and edit the text for the slides there. There is one slide for Available Rentals and one slide for each Property. If there are no available rentals, you can unpublish that slide in the same way you unpublish Posts.

Below is a screenshot showing the main parts when editing the individual slides: